[FREE] Advanced Skype Bot [FREE] [CODECANYON]

The ultimate and handy bot for commercial use or personal use. You can call it an Advanced Tool, Bot, Manager, Control, Manager, Program, Software, anything you want.

It does anything you want, no need to have any extra knowledge, it’s easy to use! Help your customers through skype or simply automate your skype. This application is a good Skype marketing method which can make your customers/contacts satisfied.

This bot has many different features, such as.

Skype Bulk Contact Adder
modified quote generator
Auto decline calls
AFK Message sender
Message Schedule (Send a message to all contacts or specific contacts on a specific date/time)
Auto Responder (Respond on specific words or sentences people say with your custom text)
E-mail to Skype ID (Import e-mails, checks if those e-mails have an skype ID)
Broadcast to all online users, or everyone
Mood changer with interval
Block/Unblock contacts
Change your skype status

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